- The following rules apply when you enter the FLEX SAUNA men's spa. Read them carefully.

    - You will be happy that we apply and apply these rules as it helps you to have a wonderful, safe time at our place!


    - Our SAUNA is only gor men. When we say men I mean all men and every type of man, gay, straight,

      bisexual, metrosexual and others..


    - Any type of CHEMS narcotic substance is prohibited on our sauna.Anyone who does not follow this strict rule

      will be permanently banned from our sauna. (Selling drugs will get you referred to the authorities).


    - Do not use alcohol in the hot tub, sauna and hammam. Never use drugs. Alcohol and drugs don't mix.

    - This combination can easily become deadly, so please be careful in these areas.

    - Sweating can cause dehydration with alcohol and drugs. The combination of both is too much.

    - Alcohol, drugs and hammam can also cause confusion and irrational choices. Be safe.


    - The place does not provide any kind of massage, either therapeutic or erotic.

    - Meetings for money in any form are not allowed at our sauna.

    - If one is found to be monetizing their services, they will be permanently banned from our place.

    - If one is found to have given or went to give money to a men he will be permanently banned from our place.

    - We are not against these people for soure, just that our place was not created for this purpose.

    - Escorts are welcome in our place as long as they don't make acquaintances with money.



    - Smoking is only allowed in the smoking room and outside on the terrace on the 4th floor

      and nowhere else in the area.

    - Anyone who does not follow this very strict rule may be permanently banned from our place.


    - Please keep the premises clean.

    - Inappropriate behavior towards staff will not be tolerated.

    - The dressing in the space is with our own towels and slippers which you return to us. (We don't close them).

    - It is forbidden to bring beers from outside or other products with you because we have our own products.

    - Drinks are only allowed in the snack area on the 4th floor and outside on the terrace, not in the rest rooms.

    - Please do not shout loudly as it disturbs the peace of others.

    - In the cabins there is a special device with paper and antiseptics for better cleanliness. (We don't steal them).

    - Do not harass someone without their giving you a right. 


    - A shower with bubble bath in our baths before using the hammam, hydromassage, sauna and solarium

      facilities is mandatory for all our customers for hygiene reasons.

    - For reasons of hygiene, close (sexual) contact is prohibited in the jacuzzi, possibly under

      penalty of immediate exclusion.


    - In our vandalism of any type will not be tolerated.

    - Anyone suspected of theft or vandalism will be banned, permanently banned from

      our sauna and will be referred to the police authorities.



    - Cell phones and phone cameras are not allowed in our sauna for potential surreptitious recording

      between customers. (There is a special area for mobile phones on the 2nd floor in the Zipper shop).


    - Please respect the sauna and the staff who put a huge effort into the operation and cleanliness of the space.

      Disrespectful behavior towards staff will not be tolerated.


    - You return the towels and slippers we give you when you leave. (we don't steal them)


    - We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person at any time at our discretion if you are unfit

      and drugged or intoxicated to avoid accidents.


    - He space consists of 4 floors and has many stairs, so it will be difficult for someone old man or young

      with mobility problems to move around our space. Also, people with health problems, old man or young,

      should ask their doctor if they are allowed to use the sauna, hammam and hydromassage.


    - Failure to comply with the above codes will result in revocation of entry and future ban.


    - All of the above is done for the smooth operation of the space and protection of our customers

      and this is proven by the satisfaction of our extensive clientele for 19 years.


    - The vast majority of customers are very friendly, helpful, patient and kind, and so are we.

      We really appreciate this type of behavior. If you fall outside this sphere, we will remove you

      and you may not be allowed to return.

    - FLEX SAUNA was created for you and for you to have a good time! Let's all be happy people!


    - FLEX SAUNA men's spa has security to protect the place.


    - Happy relaxation to everyone!

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Please read here the regulations

for a better stay